Historique du restaurant
La Crêperie à la Gourmandise Bretonne


In 1973, Carole Legault is a waitress at a pancake house in Sainte-Adele, and was quickly trained by Marise Bizouane, who became her "crepe coach". Carole takes experience and loves what she does. You know the saying "When the student becomes the master ..."? Well, this is what happened. Natural talent or passion? Some thirty years later, Carol is always the "crepe in chief " of the Laurentians: she has a master hand ... pan. Do not but her to the test, she is not afraid of giving you a demonstration. Everything is in the wrist.

But back to the subject. In 1982, Carol is a waitress at La Creperie La Gourmandise. With Guy Scheffer, owner at the time, she takes care of everything and quickly becomes head of personnel, in charge of inventory, ordering, implementation. In fact, everything. She worked as hard as if she owned the place. Then she meets Jacques Vaudry: love at first sight. In 1986, after nine months of dating, they buy the business. Single family home converted into a restaurant, the hotel has 60 seats. The new owners, two tireless workers, determined and, above all, very methodical, engage in some renovations, painting the exterior of the building, re-thing the interior design, and off they go. Since then, their life has been nothing but happiness and success. And the love story continues.

In 1988, Carole and Jacques expand the restaurant to accommodate more than 90 people. Then, in 2006, they cover the terrace. Carole takes care of design and the restaurant can now seat between 160 and 170 persons. It is open seven days a week, for lunch and dinner. Jacques, having experience in the kitchen, takes the heat and makes sure everything runs smooth from the get-go. Then, he takes on additonal tasks such as payroll, interior and exterior repairs. He is gifted for decorating. In fact, you should plan a night out at Halloween. It's really beautiful. Magical. Very original. Then comes the holiday season, and the magic continues, outside and inside, where you'll be welcomed in the magical ambiance of the Alps.

A word about the menu. You will find the house specialty, of course, the Breton crepe. Every 40 seconds, a crepe gets from the hot plate to a table! Veronica, the "Crepiere" offers a choice of about 300 pancakes, from plain to egg, cheese, bechamel, vegetarian, Italian, seafood, plus all the toppings you can imagine. What a show! And let's not foget to mention the dessert crepes. What a delight! There are over fifty combinations, not to mention their other specialty, "La Vieille Chipie" (the Old Brat). Why the name? Well, at the time Carole worked for Marise Bizouane, they had a dessert crepe called "The Marise." When Carole took over the restaurant, she kept the name. Then, Marise had phoned Carole because she had noticed that the name had remained. She did not want Carole, well reknowned for her Crepes, to keep the same name.
Carole then said: "Well, it will now be called "La Vieille Chipie". Thanks for nothing!" .



In addition to crepes, homemade soups and delicious salads, chef Stephane, who is in charge of set up, orders and the whole nine yards in kitchen, also offers Chinese fondue, Swiss cheese fondue or La Gourmandise fondue (a perfect blend of Swiss cheese, tomato, garlic and white wine: quite tasty), not to mention the chocolate or maple sugar fondue, served with bread, bananas and marshmallows. Yum Yum. I forgot the raclettes with all the trimmings: there are no words to describe them. I might also mention the various starters such as asparagus rolls "au gratin:, king scallops, snails, and so on.
But the restaurant also ows it's reputation for the consistency of the products. If you eat the onion soup, which is delicious, and you repeat the following year, you find exactly the same taste. The same goes for the Gourmet salad, which you can buy the tasty dressing and bring home, not to mention crepes and more. Apart from this, another amazing feature of the restaurant is the set-up. You should visit the huge refrigerators and pantries. The organization and structure are the pride of the owners: it is beautiful. And everything is done according to a no loss policy and being ready when a group arrives unexpectedly. They are never taken by surprise. Everything is well thought. Bring it on!

I should not forget to specify that most recipes have been created by Carole herself. Very curious person, concerned by the excellent taste and consistency, she seems to have established these criteria as a priority. And I think that's the foundation of hersuccess. She loves loyal customers. She sees her clients parade today with their children, or simply customers, their children and even their grandchildren. Her efforts were rewarded. She could write a good story after all these years.

For my part, it's my cousy Friday evening rendez-vous. Why not meet me there, we could talk about this beautiful love story ... See you on Friday!

source: Johanne Aude, « La Crêperie à la Gourmandise Bretonne: Le Fruit d'un grand amour...", Brigade Printemps 2008 - Halte gastronomique > Laurentians, Volume 2, number 1, pages 16-17. (literal translation by Steve Raut)